Group Psychotherapy

Being part of a Psychotherapy group is a good way to address our relationship with others and some of our underlying beliefs and processes that can make these challenging or disruptive.

These issues can also be addressed through individual therapies, such as Cognitive Analytic Therapy or Analytic Psychotherapy, and for many this has been a good starting point. If this has been the case, then moving on to a group can be a safe space in which to grow into a new way of relating to others and ourselves.

Being part of a group is also a good leveller. We can discover that we all have our struggles with shame, guilt, anxiety, anger, sadness, that we can help each other just by understanding this, and that we all belong.

Psychotherapy groups will typically have eight members and a therapist, and will people will stay I the group for as long as they need, which will usually be at least a year. As members leave, so a new member will join. The therapy groups are held once a week except for holiday periods.

Please note that I personally do not offer Group Psychotherapy.