Top tips for staying well

What better evidence than that of fellow travellers. As I was having an administrative tidy up recently I was looking at some of the notes I have written about clients at the end of therapy.

The ending of CBT and other therapies is a time when we often consider how to stay well in the broadest sense.

Guess what? Several themes emerged so I have counted them up and offer them to you here in order of popularity:

  1. Talking to loved ones, be they friends, family or partners
  2. Being in nature
  3. Moving the body – walking, cycling, yoga, gentle stretches…
  4. Trying to remember to be present in the moment
  5. Trying something new
  6. At the end of the day writing down achievements
  7. At the start of the day thinking about how to take care of myself in the day to come
  8. Being realistic about what I can expect from myself
  9. Look for beauty or something interesting
  10. Stop doing jobs after 8 o’clock

The Action for Happiness has lots of other top tips. I love their website. Take a look for yourself by clicking here